Maybe I’m emotion immature.  Maybe I’m selfish.  Maybe I’m passive aggressive.  Maybe, I’m all these thing.  That’s what the experts say.


During the past few weeks, I have come across the term “ghosting.”  For those of you who don’t know what ghosting is, simply put, ghosting is disappearing from a relationship and falling off the face of the Earth with no announcements or explanation.  For example, if you’ve every gone out with a guy (or girl) and all of a sudden he (or she) disappears from social media and you haven’t seen or heard from him (or her) again, then you’ve probably been ghosted.  According to some Internet “experts,” “ghosting” is a sign of psychological and emotional immaturity.  These “expert” further assert that emotionally developed adults should try to talk through their problems even if the end result is agreeing to disagree.  Here is my question:  Does every relationship deserve the benefit of an explanation?  Sure there are times in our personal and professional lives when we must confront issues head on, but must every situation be confrontational.  Maybe the easiest, and best, thing to do is just to walk away—to be GHOST!  What do you think?