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2016-09-01 13.30.22 Pains of life circumference by our ball-clenched fists.

Who’d have thought it’d come to this:

Tales of broken hearts, disappointments and unchecked lists.

But to end it there, I’d be remiss to explain the travesty caused by a ball-clenched fist.

So many of us are straddled by baggage. We don’t always know we have it, but we do. Many of us, in an effort to maintain our daily functionality, bury our hurts in the dark crevices of our hearts. The problem is, just like rain could uproot skeletons buried beneath the Earth’s surface, our tears often reveal our misplaced pain. Many of our buried hurts are sharp, unbeveled deposits just below the surface. They cut and bruise. The friction of some of our deepest hurts have caused calluses in once tender places.   Many of the composite effects of our pain is dear.  The tighter we clutch, the deeper our scars.  During our day-to-day activities, we might not even realize that our grip is so firm until we finally decide to let it go. Only once we have let go the shattered pieces of our lives can we truly begin to heal and experience a freedom that we have not yet experienced….


With hope renewed like the dew of a morning mist,

The forces of pain we did resist,

To release these shards of glass from our ball-clenched fist.


Relationship Checklist Pic

So many of us have such a clear idea of what we want in a friend or a romantic companion.  But, how do we compare to that list?

Today marks the fourteenth day of our 21-day Challenge.  The purpose of this challenge is for us to fearlessly trust God for 21 days.  A big part of trusting God requires us to take a look at ourselves.  Over the past few days, I have blogged about different topics in an attempt to challenge our perspective.  Today, I want to challenge all of us, myself included, to be the person on our relationship checklist.

Many of us, at some point, have asked God to bless us with relationships, whether platonic or romantic.  We want God to bring the “perfect” people into our lives, but we have not taken stock as to whether or not we are that person we are praying for.  We have to remember that we are not the only ones with wants and needs.  Other people have the same prayerful expectation of the people that they want God to bring into their lives.  Perhaps, we need to spend today determining what our expectations of relationships are and comparing ourselves to that list.  Below is a sample checklist and some ideas of how we can check ourselves against that list.

Relationship checklist:

  • God Fearing
    • How is your relationship with God?  How is your relationship with other people?
    • “If someone says, ‘I love God,’ but hates a Christian brother or sister, that person is a liar; for if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see,” (1 John 4:20, NLT)?
  • Generous/Kind
    • Do you share your resources (i.e. your time, your money, your belongings)?
  • Trustworthy/Has integrity
    • How do you act when no one is looking?
  • Thoughtful/Understanding
    • When was the last time you did something “just because?”
    • Even something as simple as sending a text to say “hello” could mean the world to someone else.
  • Forgiving
    • Do you hold a grudge, or do you let things slide?
  • Patient
    • Do you understand that others might not be as quick on the uptake as you, and therefore, it takes them longer to get things that might take you a shorter time?
  • Good listener
    • Do you actively listen, or are you always waiting for a pause in the conversation to initiate your turn to talk?
  • Caring
    • Can you see past other people’s shortcomings?
    • How do you treat others who aren’t your friend?
    • How do you treat people you don’t like?
  • Loving
    • How do you talk to and about people?
    • Are you quick to judge and point out other people’s faults?
  • Even-tempered
    • Are you quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger, (James 1:19).