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2016-09-01 13.30.22 Pains of life circumference by our ball-clenched fists.

Who’d have thought it’d come to this:

Tales of broken hearts, disappointments and unchecked lists.

But to end it there, I’d be remiss to explain the travesty caused by a ball-clenched fist.

So many of us are straddled by baggage. We don’t always know we have it, but we do. Many of us, in an effort to maintain our daily functionality, bury our hurts in the dark crevices of our hearts. The problem is, just like rain could uproot skeletons buried beneath the Earth’s surface, our tears often reveal our misplaced pain. Many of our buried hurts are sharp, unbeveled deposits just below the surface. They cut and bruise. The friction of some of our deepest hurts have caused calluses in once tender places.   Many of the composite effects of our pain is dear.  The tighter we clutch, the deeper our scars.  During our day-to-day activities, we might not even realize that our grip is so firm until we finally decide to let it go. Only once we have let go the shattered pieces of our lives can we truly begin to heal and experience a freedom that we have not yet experienced….


With hope renewed like the dew of a morning mist,

The forces of pain we did resist,

To release these shards of glass from our ball-clenched fist.


The divides we face should never be along racial lines.  We, regardless of who we are, should always side with truth and justice.  In the Bible, Jesus often spoke about showing favor and mercy to the widow, the alien, the fatherless and the poor.  Many of us have fallen, or will fall, into one of those categories.



“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it,” (Hebrews 13:12, NIV).


This weekend marked the 28th annual Las Olas Art Fair.  It was my second time attending the event.  The first time was a few years ago.  This year, I was astonished by the magnitude of the talent displayed. Most of the artists were locals.  However, some had journeyed quite a distance to display their artwork in this local art fair in Downtown, Fort Lauderdale.  There were artists from New York, Michigan and several other states. Their sheer commitment made me wonder how many of the artists had actually made a career of their passion.


I spent most of afternoon trying to avoid the crowd.  I walked along the sidewalk and admired the displays from a distant.  The only time I would step into the streets, and into a booth was if something in particular caught my eye.  Occasionally, I would exchange brief pleasantries with the artists.  For the most part, most were friendly, with exception of one artist who scoffed at a passerby for taking a picture of his work.  Although most of the pieces were beautiful, and some even exceptional, nothing particular had spoken to me, at least not until I was about the exist the Fair.  While I must say that it was the artwork that initially lured me in, it was the artist that I found to be far more compelling.


The sculpture in the picture above was crafted by French artist Jim Lewk.  Although he was born in France, calling him a Frenchman would be a misnomer.  Jim is somewhat of a Renaissance man, having traveled and lived in various parts of the world.


My initial impression of Jim what that he was humble.  Had I not taken the time to engage in conversation, I would not have known the talent that lied beneath the artist.


Jim studied at the University of Miami and Florida State University.  He also trained in several other venues across Europe. He speaks five languages:   English, Russian, German, French and Polish.


For thirty minutes, Jim and I chatted.  He told me stories about  Vietnam and Nazi, Germany.  He also talked about his art.  He talked a lot about his art.  He was proud of the work he did, and he had every right to be.  His work was phenomenal.  Additionally, he had what many people lacked.  He had courage. He had the courage to pursue his passion.  How many of us can say the same?


As I drove home and reflected on my conversation with Jim, I marveled at how much I had learned about him in such a short time.  It reminded me how important it was that we connect with each other.  In fact, we just never know who we will meet.

For more information on the Sculpture above please contact:

Jim Lewk


Website: www.




2519 Abaco Ave., Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida 33133

Phone: 305-854-5027