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What is it about the cross that sends those who disagree with its message into a fit of rage? These days, it seems as if you can’t even mention being a Christian without someone telling some traumatic story about a Christian  who offended them in the past. As Christians, we are expected to sit there passively as others laden us with their previous hurts and expectations.  At times, my sinful  flesh yearns to reference these people to the story of Cain and Able where Cain asked God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” I guess that would be un-Christian like. However, all kidding aside, I must say that it is unfair to have any one individual carry the weight of any group.  With that being, I digress.

What is it about the cross that angers people? It seems to me that everyone else gets to express their opinions and be shielded by the premise of, “This is who I am, and this is what I believe.” Most people applaud the masses for having the courage to express themselves. However, the moment that Christians utter the name of Jesus, the brigades of attackers are on full alert.  Where are our salutes of praise when we stand for what we believe in? How come no one ever labels us courageous?  In fact, the world’s  response to us is quite the opposite. They label our Biblical accounts fables or fairytales. They mock our God and call Him a mere myth. The world ridicules our beliefs. Where are our freedoms?  Critics, and even some Christians, say that the Bible has been written and altered by the hands of man. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant to this argument.  The fact is that the Bible is what Christians choose to believe.  When others cite and assert their belief, the world does not ask them for authentication. They merely respect their opinion. So today, as I served in this one time role as my brother’s keeper, I ask that you respect our opinion and beliefs just as you’ve asked us to respect yours!


Being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways,” James 1:8

The beautiful thing about the Bible is that you can read it so many times and still never unravel all its mysteries. There are times when you can read one verse one way, and later, depending on what’s going on in your life, interpreted the same verse in a completely different way, and yet both are still accurate and relevant. No wonder the Word of God is called the Living Word. The Word of God is dynamic yet constant. It’s an oxymoron of heavenly proportion.

This morning, as I meditated on the verse above, I thought about what it meant to be double-minded. In the literal context, I believe that James was talking about those who wavered in their faith. One moment they have the faith of Abraham, and in the next moment they are doubting Thomas. That seems to describe most of us, doesn’t it? However, this morning, it wasn’t the literal context that captured my attention. I thought about the metaphorical and the philosophical context of being double-minded. I thought about our actions. While it is true that our actions are typically driven by our beliefs (i.e. our faith), this statement isn’t entirely true. I think that sometimes we act out of rote gestures rather than out of our belief systems. Let’s look at the example of purpose. In our hearts, many of us believe that we are called to a specific purpose. However, if each of us were to have our lives evaluated, how many of our actions would align with our dreams? Are we working in a direction that propels us forward, or are we running in place? For example, if we’ve declared that we want to lose five pounds by the end of summer, are we going to the gym, or are we sitting idly by? Are we reading books about fitness? Are we gathering different recipes? In other words, are our actions consistent with our declaration? Sometimes, we might not realize that what we say and what we do are immensely different.

This morning, I thought about my own life. More specifically, I thought about the many dreams that dwelled within my soul. As I evaluated my past and current actions, I realized that I wasn’t always running in the direction of where I wanted to end up.  As I meditated further on the above verse, I realized that it was impossible to achieve the desires of my heart while moving in a direction opposite of those said desires. Doing so would be double-minded.

Ultimately, my propensity to move towards my destiny, does hinge on faith. However, self-actualization must also come into play. It’s impossible to arrive at a destination if I don’t know where I want to go. This is not just true for me, it’s true for all of us. We must know where we want to go. We must also be mindful that the steps we are taking are leading us in our desired direction. Today, I leave you with these parting questions?

While we are all works-in-progress, do you feel you are where you are supposed to be in your life? If not, what steps are you taking to make a change?

Where is God calling you?

Should you take a leap of faith and leave your current job?

Are you merely doing a job, or are you working in your purpose?