I always chuckle whenever I see pictures posted on social media with the hash tag #nofilter. Unfortunately, the one-liner is not just reserved for our flawless selfies.  It has become our new norm. However, if we are not careful, our proclivity towards diminished self-censorship could become destructive.

Everyday, my newsfeed is abuzz with embattled celebrities engaged in Twitter or Instagram wars with disgruntled “fans.”  For those who lack courage, and frankly, a life, the Internet has become the new kryptonite.  People, who would otherwise shrink behind a shining star, are all of a sudden bold and courageous.  Those cowards use the veil of “anonymity” to spew their venomous sentiments and agendas.  There is also a new rising subset of the Internet culture of “haters.”  Their moral fiber, or lack thereof, is comprised of two of the most debilitating human characteristics–envy and laziness.  Those individuals hinge their infamy on other people’s hard work. Why would they roll up their sleeves when they could barely roll out of bed.  The truth is, it does not take much courage to dwell in the shadows.    True courage is shining through the shady projections.

Here is something that I have learned a long time ago: You can’t please everyone. There will always be people who are disappointed by something that you have said or have done, and that’s okay. Whenever God has anointed you with the gift of greatness, there will always be haters.  As, long as you’ve done what you believe in your heart to be right, then, that’s all you can do!