A few weeks ago, I delighted in the pleasure of re-reading one of my favorite, childhood books, “Charlotte’s Web.” As I soared through the pages, I reminisced on the innocence of childhood–a time when anything seemed possible. Re-reading “Charlotte’s Web” reminded me of what it felt like to hope and believe in the impossible.  The genuine friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur melted my heart. To Charlotte, Wilbur was “some pig.”

It’s amazing how our everyday life can make us so cynical. If we are not careful, we could miss out on the subtle every day blessings.

One morning, I  noticed that a spider had decided to make its home on the driver’s side mirror on my car. Initially, the web didn’t bother me .  Truthfully, I was really too lazy to remove it. I had anticipated that it would be gone by the evening.  Actually, I was quite surprised that it had survived for several weeks, withstanding several trips on the highway, torrential downpour and a car wash. Prior to this morning, I must have seen that web at least 30 times before I  entered my car. However, today, it finally hit me. “There’s a spider web on my car.”  Immediately, I thought about “Charlotte’s Web.” I also thought about God.  Oftentimes, we look for grand miracles. We look for God to show up with the thunder and lightning. But, sometimes, He’s found in the subtleties. Today, I looked at my little spider web and saw God. I saw God looking down from heaven and reminding me  how “terrific,” “humble” and “radiant” He thought I was. Metaphorically, I think God was telling me that I was “some pig.”aviary_2015_03_31_14_18_19