As children of God, we are co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17). If we accept this truth, then we have to know that no one could ever rob us (cheat us, steal from us or treat us unfairly) and get away it. The Bible says, “Can a man rob God (Malachi 3:8)?” Although this passage was referencing tithes and offerings, think of it this way. Nothing we have belongs to us. God owns it all. For example, if an employer cheats us of our fair wage, then he or she is essentially cheating God because the money is His. The truth is, our world is fallen.  Bad things do happen, and people do bad things. However, know this: God is still on the throne, and He WILL judge fairly and justly. Know that He will not allow our enemies to triumph over us. Thankfully, God is the one true mediator. His verdict is just and unbiased. God is not a respecter of man. Prince and peasants are treated equally because He created them all. Know today that if you are being persecuted at the hands of your enemy, God Himself will judge. He will not allow the enemy to continue to persecute you. Trust Him, and He will deliver you!

Father, God, we come against all attacks of the enemy. Your Word says if we resist the devil he will flee. In Jesus name, Lord, we pray your protection over us.a href=””>PhotoGrid_1407928556100