If you could do anything or be anyone, what would you do?  Who would you be?

Do you remember a simpler time when the boundaries of your world were infinite—when the perimeter of your skies were limitless.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go back to those passion-filled days?  But how could you?  You are so far gone.  The monotony of your world has weighted you into mediocrity.  You are beyond broken.  You have begrudgingly approach the evenings of your life with utter disdain.  Why shouldn’t you?  Society tells you that dreams are reserved for the youth and the champions of life.  Face it, you blew it!  Your evenings have become night and your lights have fade.  You have seen your final curtain call.

Or have you?

You see, in life, nothing is static.  Our days and nights are fluid—constantly changing.  Even darkness must submit to this natural order. Though darkness seizes the night it must release its reign in the presence of morning.   This renaissance of dawn gives rise to hope.  In the presence of hope, dreams are restored.  Youth could be recaptured.  Failed plans could be resuscitated.  There is nothing that couldn’t be brought back to life in the presence of light.  Light is so powerful, it could recovered death.

So what would you do–who would you be once you’ve realized that a beating heart is a promise of the dawning of a new day?