Have you ever been in a place in your life and wondered how you got there?  In that lonely place, you feel like you are being (or have been) obedient to God’s directive, yet you just can’t seem to get pass go.  If you are there or have been there, go back to your last prayers.  Your last prayers are where you could find some answers.

The other day, I was thumbing through one of my old journals when I stumble across a prayer request.  It was as if God had purposefully allowed me to land on that particular page.  “Wow,” I thought to myself as I read the words on the page.  “My current experience is a direct answer to that prayer.”  Immediately, I started to wonder.  How many of my previous or current experiences are actually answered prayers?

Sometimes, I think we get used to Hollywood God—the microwave-miracle God—the God who simply grants our wishes.  We forget that God is more concern about carefully developing our character than granting us satisfaction with immediate gratification.  While we might have a unilateral vision of how God should answer our prayers, God has a multifactorial response.  His answers not only solve the immediate problem, it also changes us in the process.