I love being a woman.  I love the softness of my voice, the curvature of my hips and frailty of my nature.  As a woman, I was created to be dainty and gracious.  The fact that God made me physically weaker than my male counterpart does not mean that I am less strong or less valuable, it just simply mean that I was designed differently.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am all for women’s liberation and equality.  In fact, I work and excel in an industry, which up until a few years ago, was male-dominated.  But even so, I still embrace the inherent differences between men and women.  In our society, we tend to adopt a misguided notion that suggests equality equals homogeny.  We should not and do not have to morph into a unified entity in order to experience equality.  Our diversity, or variety, if you will, is what makes life exciting and enjoyable.

Frankly, I love it when men open doors for me.  Yes, I can open the door for myself, but why should I when there is a strapping man standing idly by?  Ladies, we have to allow men to be gentlemen.  Men, by nature, were created to be providers and protectors.  It’s in their DNA.  We emasculate them when we deprive them of opportunities to act in their nature.  Ladies, we must realize that when we fail to allow a man to act in his nature, we fail to act graciously, which therefore, goes against our nature.  With that said, men, you need to treat women with dignity and respect.  A man’s failure to treat a woman tenderly is going against her God design.  In 1 Peter 3:7 God instructs husbands to “Treat your wife with understanding as you live together. She may be weaker than you are, but she is your equal partner in God’s gift of new life. Treat her as you should so your prayers will not be hindered,” (NLT).

Ultimately, it comes down to respect, love and honor.  Women, as women we have to clear the paths to allow the men in our lives to step up to the plate and be the men they were called to be.  It’s not about being a damsel in distress, it’s about making a man feel needed.  Men want to know that the women in their lives depend on them.  Yes, we are fully capable of taking care of ourselves, but a large part of humility is allowing others to take care of us and love us.  It’s like the old adage, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”  Women, one thing I should note, when a man is trying to be a man in the way that he knows best, we should refrain from belittling him because we have determine that his efforts do not match our expectations.  This does not mean that we cannot make suggestions about how we would like to be treated.  It simply means that we should honor their efforts.  Again, it comes back to the respect factor.  We have to respect our men.  When it comes to our relationships with our men, we have to be women of noble character, which Proverbs 31 describes as women who can be trusted and will enrich the lives of their husbands.  There might be some women who read the last statement and say, “I am not a wife.  I am not married.”  All women, unless called to live a life of solitude, are called to be wives.  Just as a shoe doesn’t first become a shoe once it’s placed on a foot, a wife doesn’t first become a wife when she is proposed to.    Psalm 139:13-16 said that God knitted us in our mothers’ womb and every day of our lives were written before life began.  That mean a man did not make a woman a wife.  God created her as such.  Therefore, if a woman is called to marriage by God, the rules that govern marriage still apply to her even if she is single.

Wow!  On to the men.

Men, allow the women in your lives room to be gracious.  Open doors for her.  Pull out her chair.  I would say place your handkerchief over puddles, but that might be taking it a step too far.  But, you get my drift.  Women desire to be wanted and loved.  Colossians 3:19 instructs husbands to love their wives and to not treat them harshly.  The above definition that was used to define wives also apply to husbands.  A man is made a husband by God, not simply because he found a wife.

My prayer for today is:  Wives, allow your husbands to be the men that God has called them to be.  Allow them to exhibit strength, provision and protection.  Pray that God gives you the spirit to be gracious.  Husbands, allow your wives to be women—soft and dainty.  Pray that God gives you the desire to treat her as a princess—the daughter of a king.  Women, pray that God gives you the spirit to treat your husbands as royalty—sons of a king.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen!!