I remember a time, not too long ago, when social pressures and influences were produced almost exclusively by print and visual media.  Today, the individual, social media page has upped the ante on social pressures and has skewed our perception of reality.  Rather than limiting our acts of voyeurism to celebrities and figureheads, we have now included our neighbors, most of whom often depict fictitious or grossly exaggerated lifestyles on these various social media outlets.  If we are not careful we could start to use these fabricated personas as the litmus for our lives.  We could begin to measure our failures and successes based on other people’s experiences.  We often do this in our relationships.  But what we fail to realize is that the posted relationship status updates that we wish for or compare our partners (or future spouse) to is often a mirage—smoke and mirrors.

Today’s prayer for our relationships is: God, please do not let us hold the people in our lives to unrealistic expectations.  Buried in this prayer is an inherent heart check.  We need to ask ourselves, when it comes to relationships, do we have a covetous spirit?  In other words, are we always looking to others for what we wish we had? If so, we have to realize that we cannot have someone’s relationship, or their relationship status for that matter.  It’s theirs.  God did not call us to run the Jones’ race, but our own.  This does not mean that we cannot pray for improvement in our lives and in our relationships.  It simply means that we should not base our desires solely on someone else’s experiences.  Also note that only God can change people.  So if we truly want our partner to change, we should pray that God grants us the grace to accept him (or her) as is until God gives him (or her) the courage, will and/or desire to change.

Summary of Today’s prayer:

  • Pray that we do not place unrealistic expectations on the people in our lives.
  • Pray that God removes any spirit of jealousy from our hearts.
  • Pray that we have the grace to love our partners for who, what and how they are.
  • Pray that God grants our significant others (or future significant other) the courage, will and/or desire to walk into the destiny that He has created for their lives.