During a New Year’s Eve countdown, I once heard Dick Clark say, “Music is the soundtrack to our lives.”  I have never forgotten that quote.  It has resonated with me over the years, as I am a huge music fan.  There are always a few songs that parallel, reflect or embody the tone of the season I am in.  These so-called soundtrack songs are not always gospel or worship music, but this one in particular is.  The name of the song is “Jesus at the Center,” by Israel Houghton.  I love the lyrics, which start off with, “Jesus at the center of it all (Repeat x1).  From beginning to the end it will always be-It’s always been you Jesus. Jesus.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing in this world will do.  Jesus you’re the center, and everything revolves around you.”

How true are those lyrics? Jesus is the center of IT ALL.  This morning, I challenge you to pray that Jesus be the center of your life.  Invite Him into your heart, your home and your relationship.  Spend some time today with Jesus.  As you start this 30-day marriage prayer challenge, start off by asking Jesus to take the reigns of your life.  If Jesus is the center of it all, we have to start with Him.