Every time I speak with a business’ customer service representative or interact with individuals in today’s business arena, I wonder whether or not we are moving closure to or further away from a universally agreed upon standard of integrity.  The conclusion that I have drawn is that the moral fabric of our culture is in far graver danger than most of us could imagine.  The pursuit of the elusive American Dream has transformed our nation into a microwave society with little or no integrity, particularly at the corporate level.  There, the broods of capitalism hide behind their veils of purported ignorance as they levy their Ivy League pedigrees to pillage and rape families and communities.   Intellectually, their level of sophistication supersedes the neanderthral antics of primal man, but the results are the same.  These capitalists claim that their decisions are macroscopic and they do not (or could not) fathom what occurs at the microscopic level (e.g. the individual level).  However, this fallacy has two critical components.  First, one is never completely blinded by a veil.  Imagine a bride walking towards her bridegroom.  Her vision may be distorted by the veil, but she can see well enough to make it towards her destination—the altar.  The modern-day capitalists are seldom shy of their goal—materialism.  The veil does not prevent them from seeing how their agenda impact others.  These vipers are far from ignorant.  Most are purposefully intentional, as is this last statement.  In our society we have equated turning a blind eye to ignorance.  Indeed, they are not the same.  One is a far greater sin.  True ignorance may be justifiable, but apathy is abominable.  That brings me to my second point: the “I just work here” mentality.  Sorry, but that is not a permissible excuse for immorality.  If an individual upholds a system that violates basic moral principles, he too is accountable.  The scales of justice does not waiver simple because we have to fulfill our financial needs and responsibility.  We all have to take accountability for the roles we play in the demise of others.  Acting unjustly to keep a job is not acceptable.