I think I’m in labor—full term to be exact.  I am beyond the fanciful stage of dancing butterflies.  The girth of my core has expanded beyond capacity, yet it appears that I am not fully dilated.   How much can I stretch before I tear? The sensation in my loins has risen from mild discomfort to sheer excruciation.  Everyone in the room says that I am crowning, but I cannot see past my knees.  All I know is that one way or another, this birth is happening, and it hurts.

The visions that God place in our hearts are planted as a seed.  But as with all of God’s creations, there must be a maturation process.  Likewise, our dreams must be nurtured and developed.  If they are birthed before the appointed time, they will be premature or stillborn.  Both scenarios carry consequences of their own.

For the most part, we should try to enjoy our pregnancy—you too men.  Life is being created and developed inside of us.   We should Enjoy the reshaping of our being as we house this new creation.  The labor is only temporary.  At the end of the process is a new life—one that we have always wanted.  We should enjoy our pregnancy.  The joys of birth will supersede any momentary pain.